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As the HOALendingPro, it has been my distinct pleasure to work with and work for a number of lending institutions. In some cases, I’ve even had to compete against them. This is a multi-billion dollar segment of the financial services industry and a segment with tremendous growth potential. As a lending “Asset Class”, this is probably the safest place to do business. This niche is 27% of the entire housing market and that percentage is increasing. This niche is a multi-billion dollar deposit environment. As more and more common interest communities spring up across the nation and existing communities realize that they need to borrow money to meet their financial goals, it is clear that this market is going to continue to grow. Whether you are already participating in this trend or simply wish to learn more about lending money to these unique groups of worthy borrowers, I am ready to share my industry knowledge with you to make for the best lending environment possible for both you and your potential borrowers.

I have consulted and advised many lending institutions on how to structure their HOA lending division. I have authored the loan policy of more banks specialized in the community association industry than any other banker. I have had a large number of most of the community association specialized banks operating nationally mirror my application form and application process. It is a different way of doing business from traditional lending but, if executed properly, can be reasonably secure and, more importantly, profitable. There are no secrets or shortcuts, just a well thought out lending strategy and serious attention to detail that lead to a successful HOA lending effort. In the past two decades I have seen a dramatic growth in the market and I expect that trend will continue and intensify in the years ahead. Aging commonly owned properties, relatively underfunded reserve funds, and external economic factors have all come together to create the “perfect storm” for HOA lending. I can show you how to turn that storm into profits for your lending institution.

In other words, the water is fine. Why not come in for a swim? Contact me, the HOA Lending Pro, at Alan@HOALendingPro.com to find out what opportunity awaits you.


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