The Vital Role of the Community Association Attorney

https://www.hoalendingxchange.comCommunity association attorneys play a vital role in the success of most condominiums and HOAs. Depending on the size of an association and the challenges it is facing, odds are pretty good that one or more attorneys are performing crucial work on behalf of the association. The work these professionals perform on behalf of the association is crucial to helping them maneuver the maze of legal challenges that vary from state to state.

Attorneys that specialize in the legal issues and challenges facing community associations are relatively abundant. The community association attorney is an important member of the management and advisory team and a vital asset to promoting a healthy and harmonious community for residents to enjoy. A quick review of any association’s covenant, declaration, by-laws, and rules and regulations documentation, gives a first-hand appreciation of how complex those documents can be. The community association attorney provides interpretation of those documents for the community and, when necessary, in a court of law. Entering into an HOA loan agreement with any lender will almost certainly require the services of a qualified community association attorney. He or she will even argue cases before the court when necessary and provide trusted guidance to the Board when called upon.

Since 1993, the Community Associations Institute has recognized excellence in the practice of Community Association Law. That is when the College of Community Association Lawyers, more commonly known as CCAL, was founded. Membership in CCAL is quite exclusive. Of the thousands of attorneys that practice community association law, less than 175 have been granted membership. You can learn more about the College of Community Association Lawyers at the CAI website –

As a matter of law, condominiums and HOAs are bound not only by federal but also state and local laws. Community association attorneys need to be familiar with laws on each of those levels as well as be able to interpret the association’s specific rules and by-laws. This is no easy task and one of the reasons that an association should choose an attorney with specific experience in this area of law to represent them. State laws addressing common interest communities have also been changing at a brisk pace over the past few years. A competent lawyer is needed for community associations to keep abreast of these laws and take advantage of those laws that change to enhance their community association governance practices.

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